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Communications specialist, Forex enthusiast, self-made Landscape artist

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What do you want to see?
by Deymoz
5 years ago
Winter Beach Wedding Ideas

A wedding in winter? Beach wedding in December or February might sound crazy, but why not? Here are some ideas for a white wedding on the beach.

by Deymoz
5 years ago
Mind your Manners, Five Golden Rules in the Office Pantries

There are offices with formally establishes pantry rules; and you will most likely find it posted in the walls and corridors of their office pantries. But even without the printed rules, there are certain unspoken codes of conduct that we as decent human beings should observe. Here are the five golden rules that should be kept inside office pantries.

Home & Garden
by Deymoz
6 years ago
Landscape and Interior Ideas to Make your Home More Relaxing

Making our house look attractive is one thing, but creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in our homes is another. It can be a difficult feat, especially if your home is located in busy business districts here in San Diego. We have compiled some tips to help you with this problem. Below are ways you can follow to make your home a place where your family can find peace and comfort.

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