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Ferdinand Receno

Hello there, thanks for checking my articles. By the way, I'm here on InfoBarrel to share some of my helpful tips to people searching answers to their questions. My interest are health tips, pet care and inspirational articles. Hope you find my articles helpful. Leave some feedback so I can also learn from you. Thanks and peace to you.

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What do you want to see?
by Ferdinand Receno
1 year ago
Health Benefits of Massage - End Your Constant Body Pains Now

A soothing and relaxing massage is all you need to get rid of your aches and pains. While not everyone can manage a thorough massage, those who can will love the massage therapist that gave them the pain-releasing touch. A light massage offers an ease to some constant painful sensations.

Pets & Animals
by Ferdinand Receno
1 year ago
Aching Pooch: Signs you Need to Know

The most scary thing we dog owners don't want to see is our beloved pet is sick or hurt. Losing appetite is the first symptom our pet dog will show if he's feeling sick. If your pet shows other signs like lack of energy or became shy, it is better to seek a veterinarian's help to deal with the problem immediately.

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