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Chrystal G.

I am very excited to be here and to meet all of you guys! I have always taken my writing and articulation skills for granted but of late I am attempting to hone this craft to perfection. I have a special appreciation for politics and government both foreign and domestic. I also enjoy to read ... A lot :). I'm sure that my stay will be educational and exciting and I hope to return as often as possible! Thanks so much for spending a few moments reading about me! 
Best Wishes!

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What do you want to see?
by Chrystal G.
6 years ago
Brahm Stoker's "Dracula" and Victorian Female Sexuality

Dracula; the blood sucking phenomena that started it all. Brahm Stoker's name has become synonymous with horror and and vampires for two centuries. As a cultural icon the original novel has sparked romanticizing vampires for entertainment value and with much success over the last two hundred years. As an avid reader and vampire fiction ultra fan this review is an observation of female sexuality and it's use for entertainment especially in vampire fan fiction.

by Chrystal G.
6 years ago
Progression of Women in Politics

Women have come a long way in a short amount of time. Briefly examining the steps towards equality in voting and political participation we can attain a deeper understanding of the steps needed to create social change for all minority factions.

by Chrystal G.
6 years ago
Women and Politics: Critical Mass Theory

How many women voters would it take to ensure our voice is heard? An in-depth analysis of research literature provides an interesting summary of gender based voting patterns.

by Chrystal G.
6 years ago
Voter Participation and It's Effect On Our Democracy

Being an informed voter is a civic duty that should not be taken lightly. The democratic system is widely misunderstood and knowledge is power. Voter participation is crucial to the success of the system and keeps elected officials honest. If every American took the time to make informed decisions about voting how different would our government look today? Would we see higher approval rates for congress? Would unpopular legislation ever be enacted if our elected officials were held accountable by the majority?

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