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I am Dutch (47), however I have lived in Asia the last 6 years. My life has been filled with bold, adventurous and stunning experiences, which fits my lively and active personality perfectly. I am a travel junky at heart. Writing became a passion during my early childhood, but only later discovered that it was time to take my work to the publishers. I now write articles and books (in Dutch and English) about a variety of subjects, nutrition and health, travel, Asia, scuba diving, business development, new marketing strategies. My corporate life lead me to many fields of expertise, professional deejay to franchise owner, dive instructor trainer, and at a later stage marketing director for a variety of companies. I write text that sells your product, service or brand.My book is available at www.writerscareerbook.com

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What do you want to see?
by Dutchwriter
8 years ago
Weight Loss - The Fat Monster

Weight loss is not that difficult, and anyone can lose weight fast. Most people struggle with an ever increasing fat mass and with that an increasing weight problem. Learn how you can make a change by fighting the monster called fat.

Travel & Places
by Dutchwriter
8 years ago
Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore - Excellent Travel Hotel

Marina Sands Hotel Singapore is a leading business, leisure and entertainment destination, surrounded by a casino, theater, shopping mall, convention center, museum and much more. The Sands guarantees a fun outing for the whole family, and always has great hotel deals on offer.

Business & Money
by Dutchwriter
8 years ago
Internet Marketing - How To Make Money Online

Making money online is not that difficult, onlinen jobs are plentiful, as long as you know what you are doing and who you are targetting. Hetting a product a product or a service that is exciting for yourself and others will drive your internet business.

by Dutchwriter
8 years ago
Weight Management - Muscle Mass Explained

In weight management the total body mass is important and gorwing healthy active muscle mass is the key. However from the total body weight one mass is most important, the muscle mass. The muscle mass controls the total body mass by being able to burn the fat mass.

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