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I am Ian. I am the creator of eslinsider.com. I have taught English in China, Korea and Taiwan. I spent 6 years living and teaching in Asia. I lived in 5 different Asian cities and have travelled throughout Eastern Asia and to Thailand.
I like making art, music and creating stuff. I spend a lot of time these days learning jiu-jitsu and working on my site ESLinsider.
ESLinsider is a resource for teachers. It was basically created to address the problems that I had teaching abroad. There you will find:

How-to videos 100+ videos on activities, lesson planning, classroom management, etc.
Online TEFL courses
A blog with a whole lot of info on teaching in Asia.

Check out what some people have said:
"I have obtained certification for the 60 hour online course and have really benefited from it. Insights and course outlay really brought a lot of detail and information to the light. I can honestly recommend this course to any person wanting to teach English as a foreign language. Thank you Ian for all your assistance and thorough lessons." - Natasha's review
The course goes into great detail on teaching English as a foreign language. Here's another review from the site:
"I've spent many years teaching ESL without certification, but to be considered for lots of jobs I needed to get one. This course saved me thousands of dollars and reminded and taught me lots of new activities and games that work. I find that sometimes even tired adults like the kind of fun, physical games I learned here. I played fruit basket with a group of full-grown factory workers working the night shift in rural Japan, and I think some of them appreciated that kind of change of pace.
Right after I took this course I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia that had stipulated they needed an in-person TEFL in their ad, but when I looked at their paper work after the interview, it looks like they counted this certificate as valid, and I was offered a job. I was really glad I had stumbled upon Ian's site. Thanks, Ian."
Read more reviews of ESLinsider's courses.
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