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Sarah is a professional farrier by day, arabian breeder in the evening, and everything writer everytime in between.  You can learn more about Sarah at her farrier website.

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What do you want to see?
Home & Garden
by EasyLearn
8 years ago
The Buckskin Arabian and Other Colored Arabians

Something not seen in any number before now, the buckskin Arabian is becoming a popular animal in the world of show and performance horses.  One now sees a rainbow in fact, in shades and patterns, and percentages not tried in the past.  Deemed too valuable to breed to half...

Home & Garden
by EasyLearn
8 years ago
Keeping the Rhode Island Red Hen for Eggs

Rhode Island Reds are great hens for laying, partially because they are both hardy and temperamentally sound for the novice keeper. Keeping a Rhode Island Red means not having your hand pecked off every time you collect eggs, so certainly the breed has merit no matter who wants to care for them. Of all the breeds, few in my opinion are as versatile, this is a strong, proven breed with years of heritage as rich as the color of their plumes. When starting out with egg chickens, there are a few things to keep in mind first, so do some looking into what keeping Red hens will mean for you.

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