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Elias Zanetti

I constantly travel as life is a journey. A traveler it's who I am; a rooted cosmopolitan. Born from a Greek mother and an Italian father, I’m currently located in Athens, Greece, I have lived in various countries around Europe (Spain, England, The Netherlands, Romania). There are some old roots of mine in Melbourne; there are some other younger ones in New York. And so, I am always on the run, on my way to encounters – be it with old tracks from the familiar past or with the refreshing unexpected that's for the future to bring.  I'm just the curious human being open to all surprises.
 I’m a citizen of the world; the world is our shelter. You might call me a travel writer but I say: call me just a charmer in disguise!  I'll first try to seduce you and then take you for a walk around the world’s incredible beauties…
In other words, first we get to see the world and then we might think about Ithaca!

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7 years ago
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Meet two wonderful Greek Ionian Islands, Zakynthos and Lefkada.

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7 years ago
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