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I am just an ordinary mother, grandmother and lover of all creatures great and small. I have been a school teacher for most of my life and still enjoy helping students. My passion is to really get things right and seek the truth. My home interests range from gluten free baking to gardening and painting. For exercise I run around after my grand children.

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What do you want to see?
by Elize
6 years ago
The Day I Flashed and Flushed Away my Menopause

We humans have a habit of embracing belief systems without ever questioning their logic. We then have to engage in the fray of trying make everything fit into the same frame. If it won't, there is something wrong. That's what happened when I questioned the logic of resisting the menopause.

by Elize
6 years ago
How to Ride a Couch Potato

A couch potato is a mode of travel. Just as we ride a horse or a motorbike to go from one place to another we can ride a couch potato to transport abstract components like the soul. When flustered you are known to be "beside yourself." So get back inside.

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