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Hello Readers,
I love to read, write and at present working at what was part time begining with been a hobbie, "Writing". 
It is a good outlet for me and I enjoy writing of late, "Articles".  Info Barrel has given me this outlet and so far it is a learning experience for me with trial and error.  I like that fact that, I can give the "Title" of the "Article" by choice of my own, "Choosing", versus been given the title to write about.
I will say, I have saved so much on purchasing magazines on many of mine interests by reading articles that the members write on http://www.infobarrel.com .  The links from there link us, all to others that then link on from elsewhere.
I enjoy the weekly afternoon reads, of the other writers articles, on Info Barrel.  They are very educational and interesting to read.
I can also like to write poetry and publish some of it on http://www.poemhunter.com/ellen-ni-bheachain/

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