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I have been in business/retail management for about a decade now. As I experience more in work and in life, I feel as though my knowledge, as well as interests are expanding faster than I can keep track of.
Having so much information and lessons learned in the past, as well as  the excitement of where these lessons will take me in the future, has inspired me to share this with those who may be interested.
Stumbliing accross this website will be a great outlet in my life and fulfill my desire to help others through sharing my lessons learned, and preventing them from having to "take the long road" in the process!
I have worked for a variety of companies in a management capacity, and am currently in the process of building my own business. Much like others throughout the world, I am looking to find that role that I look forward to playing EVERY day, while still sustaining a regular income. TRICKY, but I truely believe, possible!
I also look forward to reading others insights on these areas, and learning from their experiences.
Feedback is a gift that is more than welcomed! So please feel free... none of us is as good as ALL of us!

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