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Business & Money
by Excited-Ryan
8 years ago
Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Vet Tech

Do you love animals? Are you curious about helping animals and working with animals every day? If so, it may be a perfect choice for your career to explore becoming a vet tech.

by Excited-Ryan
8 years ago
Rock Climbing Stretches

Rock climbing requires the body to be quite limber and strong in areas that are not commonly worked out or used day to day. Tendons are stretched and pulled and the shoulders and groin areas in particular need to be warm and ready to bear unusually large amounts of weight. However, with a proper warm up of about 3-7 minutes and some targeted stretching, you can be ready to climb without risking injury. You also reduce your risk of getting long-term injuries like tendonitis or torn ligaments.

by Excited-Ryan
9 years ago
Fitness Success - 5 Key Building Blocks

Getting healthy and getting into the shape you want is not always easy. But using these 5 key building blocks makes any workout program solid. Use these as your foundation and you will reach your goals, I guarantee it.

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