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I am A. Gauri Sankar aged 60 years a retired bank official from a nationalised bank in India with more than 39 years's of service. My qualifications are: MBA; BSc; CAIIB; PGDOM; PGDMM; PGDHRM; PGDFM; D.Com; DDE. I had served as trainer for more than six years and had spent more than 5000 training hours in training around 6000 trainees . I was a director in a Rural Self Employment Training Institute in a town in South Tamilnadu in India. I had trained around 800 educated unemployed youth  of which today 400 are entrepreneurs earning reasonable income 
I am conducting classes on banking subjects, behavioural science, personality development. I am also ISO 9001: 2000 lead auditor and I am a trainer in educating ISO standards.
I am a writer, orator and communicator and I have been writing articles for various websites, magazines on subjects: banking, fitness, self improvement, education etc.
I had authored one book: HUMOUR IN BANKING
My articles are availble in my blog: gaurisankars@blogspot.com
I can be contacted through the following emails: gausan51@gmail.com and gausanchennai@gmail.com

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