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What do you want to see?
by GarySimms
5 years ago
Electric Cars are the Obvious Future

Almost all vehicles on the road are powered by gasoline internal combustion engines and have been for years. Those types of vehicles are polluting the air and are filling roadways with noise. Gasoline powered cars have become very fuel efficient, but their fuel costs keep rising. An alternative to these machines is not science fiction. The technology already exists to rid ourselves of these smog-belching machines. There are small electric motors capable of powering family cars and large trucks efficiently. Electric cars may be the future, but they should also be the present.

by GarySimms
5 years ago
The Effects of Free to Play on the Games Industry

The effects of free to play games can be seen at all levels of the games industry. Some of the effects might be seen as negative but this monetization format is successful and here to stay.

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