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Gene Smart

My focus is travel and adventure, so naturally I'm subject to know a bit of everything. I'm a writer by trade (I've decided), so why not share? I'm a lover of relativity, and promise to adhere to Einstein's designs of elegance.
I greatly look forward to this guilty pleasure platform and hurling a world of knowledge.. to the world...

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What do you want to see?
Business & Money
by Gene Smart
9 years ago
Argus Software: The Industry Standard Inside Story

It's not that Argus Software is automatically the perfect analysis provider, or the easiest to use (often the contrary), but Argus demands a clear respect within the Commercial Real Estate Industry not to be dismissed.

by Gene Smart
9 years ago
Commercial Real Estate Analysis, Why it Matters

When thinking about the appeal of the Commercial Real Estate Sector, that sizeable transaction fee, the large scale property ownership and coinciding rents, whether buyer, seller, or transactional agent, sometimes we'll jump ahead and lose sight of our foundation: Commercial Real Estate Analysis.

by Gene Smart
9 years ago
A Travel Lifestyle, is it Realistic?

For most, the Travel Lifestyle is theoretical, an unachievable desire. To be honest, the restrictions are self-imposed, we all have the ability, and it's solely mastering a fear.

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