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I am Gilad Nezer, born in Israel and since 2002 living in the Netherlands. Back in Israel I worked as a mechanical engineer and lead a development team. A busy job.
My real passion is making music, and for this purpose I've come to the Netherlands. This was a total change of enviorenment and daily focus. Within two years I graduated from the Royal COnservatory in The Hague and became a singer. Today I make living out of music as a member of the Dutch Chamber Choir and the chief cantor of the Liberal Jewish Community of Amsterdam.
Working in the music business together with various conductors and colleagues keeps me sharp and flexible. This means that I sometimes need to be very precise about my communication and at other times extremely loose and flexible. Depends on the type of music, the collegues, the venue and other factors.
Music is my job and my passion. Initially musicm making would have just stayed on the podium, had it not been a special experience showed the music for me in a much broader context. During my work for KeyNote Foundation , I came into contact with young refugees and made music with them. Then I experienced for the first time what musical interaction does. It was then when I decided to get busy with musical coaching, which I do together with collegues from other branches, in communicatieworkshops.nl. 

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