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What do you want to see?
by Helene
8 years ago
The Incredible Journey of Vasco da Gama

On July 8, 1497, under the banner of the Order of Christ, Da Gama and his crew consisting of 170 members walked to their newly built ships. They were heavily armed with cannons, pikes and spears. Da Gama expected trouble on the way.

by Helene
8 years ago
A Very Unique Kissi Penny

Measuring about 33 to 36 centimeters in length, a Kissi penny is a curious form of money, native to Sierra Leone and Liberia. This West African currency was in use as late as 1945. Since the rounded end of the penny symbolizes the head and its pointed ends...

by Helene
8 years ago
Celiac Disease Sufferers - Social Support and Treatment

Even though gluten is harmless to most people, in those with celiac disease it can destroy the lining of the small intestine which in turn reduces its ability to absorb vital nutrients and vitamins required for normal body functioning. It usually becomes manifest in childhood, but the symptoms might...

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