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Henry G

I am a motivated man that likes to make short animation films. I am also very knowledgeable in certain areas such as biology and algebra.

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Business & Money
by Henry G
5 years ago
The Secret Behind China's Cheap Labor

When you buy a toy where do you think it's manufactured? More often than not it is produced in China. The workers in Chinese factories make little to nothing in pay, which is why many companies produce products in China.

by Henry G
5 years ago
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The Classification Of All Living Organisms

Find out how all living organisms are grouped together and who developed the system of grouping. The classification system may help you during your job or everyday life.

by Henry G
5 years ago
What Happens When A Virus Infects You?

When a virus infects one of your cells it uses its genetic material to make many copies of itself. Some viruses may replicate themselves immediately, others remain dormant within your cell.

by Henry G
5 years ago
Is It Bad To Try Too Hard?

Is there something wrong with being a person that tries too hard? Apparently there is, if you put in a little effort to something in this day and age you will be heckled with snark comments.

by Henry G
5 years ago
Top 5 Ways To Avoid Getting A Bacterial Disease

The Top Five Ways To Avoid Bacterial Disease will be explained in detail. These 5 methods will help you avoid horrible bacterial disease. You can pass this information on to your friends and family so everybody you know will be safe from bacteria disease.

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