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I love sharing my random knowledge with others in hopes it may help them.  Some would say I'm rather opinionated ;-)  I have a PhD in engineering, but I also have a love for nutrition and healthy eating.  I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, camping and am obsessed with essential oils.  If you want to learn more, come check out my blog at www.HicksNaturals.com 

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What do you want to see?
by HicksNaturals
4 years ago
Please Stop Telling Your Kids They are "Smart"

Please, please stop telling your kids they are smart. This is not a joke, and no, I do not think your child is stupid. You may think, "but my kid IS smart!" Did you ever stop to think, what does smart even mean? Are those labels really sending healthy messages to children and adults? What kinds of habits are you reinforcing when you use these labels? How were you labeled as a child and how did it affect your upbringing? Do you still consider yourself to be the "smart" or "stupid" one because of what you were told as a child? I'm going to share with you why telling kids they are smart is actually very stupid. I'll even share with you how it has affected my life.

by HicksNaturals
5 years ago
Top 10 Reasons to Cook with Cast Iron

Top 10 reasons why I think everyone should cook with cast iron.

by HicksNaturals
5 years ago
How Choosing to be Offended is Not Serving You

You read it all the time, "Joe Somebody is offended by racist/sexist/inappropriate remark," but do you ever stop and ask why is Joe Somebody offended? Or what does it even mean to be offended in the first place? To me, being offended is a socially acceptable form of whining to your mother because your brother/friend made fun of you or said something mean. Let's face it. you weren't offended; your feelings were hurt. There are ALWAYS people in this world that are going to say hurtful things and every one of us will be hurt at one time or another. But, does being offended serve any purpose to the offended or the offender? I would argue no.

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