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Clara Myers

I'm a librarian by day, but at night I use my super powers for good by writing health-related articles.
Health is my passion. I'm always reading and researching about it. In large part this is because I can't afford to get sick, but it's also a very popular topic that never bores me. 
I own several web properties about -- you guessed it -- health. My primary site is Mind Mart but I own several blogs and have articles on other popular sites like Wizzley, Squidoo, Scoop.it, and Ezinearticles. 
I hope you like my writing and find it  interesting, but if not, please feel free to leave constructive criticism on how I can make it better. Cheers!
PS - Feel free to connect with me on InfoBarrel, Redgage, Twitter or Facebook.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Clara Myers
6 years ago
What Is Pink Eye?

How contagious is pink eye? Continue reading for prevention tips on redness, itching, and inflammation.

by Clara Myers
6 years ago
Pregnancy and Caffeine

Can caffeine affect your pregnancy? Many substances pass through the placenta, and caffeine is a common ingredient.

by Clara Myers
6 years ago
Treating Middle Ear Infections With Natural Remedies

Troubled by repeated middle ear infections? Antibiotics are great when they work, but what do you do when they don't? Here is a list of natural remedies for middle ear infections.

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