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"Holy Carp," are two words I want people to say when I show them my portfolio and it's the identity I use when doing freelance design work. The jocular identity communicates my philosophy behind effective design, and that is to give someone pause, get noticed and maybe even smile. This also represents the concept driven visual design I would like bring to the marketplace.
Carl Grivakis, the creative mind behind Holy Carp, also works to mentor other designers getting launched into the field, and to further offer advice on design process and professional practice. Much of the details discussed are from a dozen years in the field of design, and describe only one person's experience. It is my hope that this will help you further your career in design, or working with a designer.

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What do you want to see?
by HolyCarp
5 years ago
Minis and Man Dolls: X-Wing Miniatures Game

If you've ever wanted to take control of the Rebel Alliance, or some imperial Tie Fighters...X-Wing the Miniatures game gives 2 players that opportunity in a very accessible tabletop miniatures game.

Business & Money
by HolyCarp
5 years ago
Getting Started with a Logo Designer

Starting a new business? You'll need a business plan, some start-up capital, a website, and a logo. That last one is where a graphic designer comes in, and here is some tips you might use in finding an hiring a designer who can put a unique brand on your company.

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