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Maxwell Wright

A happily married, coffee conousuer, avid outdoor adventurist, dog rescuer, and trainer.

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What do you want to see?
by Maxwell Wright
6 years ago
Sleep Apnea Pacemaker

A new pacemaker modified to treat sleep apnea is under development. It shows promise but may not be the best solution and certainly isn't ready for use now. While it does show some effectiveness it remains to be seen exactly how effective this device is. In addition, it requires minor surgery. Which each surgery, there is risk. Even relatively safe surgeries can have problems. Is this the future for treating sleep apnea?

by Maxwell Wright
6 years ago
Review: Zojirushi BB-PAC20

A review of the Zorjirushi BB-PAC20.

by Maxwell Wright
6 years ago
Twelve Keys To Finding a Great Pillow

A good night of sleep can be a hard thing to achieve. Finding the right pillow can help and in this article we'll show you how with 12 things to consider.

Business & Money
by Maxwell Wright
6 years ago
Voluntary Work and Marketing, Powerful Lessons From A Grocery Bagger

How a grocery bagger convinced me to do voluntary work for her on my vacation day in 4 minutes. Amazing lesson about social activism and persuasion.

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