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Writing and Art are two of my many interests in life, sadly I'm terrible at drawing so writing is the only way I can truly express my ideas and opinions with the world.
I believe that a person needs to have a lot of differing hobbies and passions to make themselves whole, and with the advent of the this thing we call the internet I have discovered many a thing that I have never heard of yet has captivated and changed my beliefs to little things that improve my day to day life.
That is what I want to bring to InfoBarrel, a hodgepodge of the subverse and the practical. From questioning the validity of shampoo(weird I know) to the notion that positive thinking can physically alter the way we see and connect with the world.
The journey of life can be glamerous or treacherous and I hope to show readers everything and between.
Alright enough of this long winded diatribe I'll just shutup and write.

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