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Ann is 39 years old, married, a former school teacher and administrator. She finished a bachelors degree in education and a Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling. Ann loves to draw, paint, and take pictures. She also enjoys surfing the net and writing online articles.

She is thankful to be able to write and share her knowledge at Infobarrel, hoping that it can help those people searching answers in the online community. She also joined and tried writing for Associated Content, Triond, and Bukisa. Being a writer online has helped her continuously learn about the wonderful opportunities on the web while staying at home in order to be able to take care of her family especially her young daughter. Ann likes Coupon Sale Deals, Fun Kids Creation, Earning Passive Income  and Online Dating Articles.

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by Infowriter
9 years ago
How to Lose 10-12 Pounds Effectively In A Week


It has always been a challenge for many people to lose weight. Who does not want to lose weight if you have a lot more than what you expected? With the tips that I want to share below, I hope you'll lose 10-12 pounds in just...

by Infowriter
9 years ago
How to Effectively Reduce Facial Wrinkles

Do you know how to find better ways to reduce facial wrinkles that doesn't only involve the use of an anti wrinkle products? The effective ways of reducing facial wrinkles requires the need to protect your entire skin of your body from harsh elements as well as nourish...

by Infowriter
9 years ago
How to Avoid A Student-Teacher Relationship

Teachers play a very important role in fostering the intellectual, emotional and social development of students in schools. The education that teachers had taken gives them the vital role in helping the future of their students so they should "respect themselves first" in order to be respected.

Whether teachers...

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