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I tried every fad diet program around when I was struggling with 30 pounds
of extra weight that just wouldn't come off.  From low carb to low fat,
I've tried them all.

Once I began my studies to become a nutritionist, I started to realize that
I had been approaching things the wrong way.  I took an all-natural path
to losing the weight that included organic fruits and veggies, grass fed meats,
wild caught fish, raw milk and sprouted grains.

Since then, I have refined this to a whole weight loss lifestyle that has
helped over 30,000 people.  It took me three years to put together a
thorough plan with a shopping guide and recipes that are quick, healthy 
and easy to make at www.TheDietSolutionProgram.com.

You may also visit my blog to read more about my interests in exercise and
nutrition, as well as some reflections on making an all-natural and honest diet
a way of life.

Since then, I have started a family, and with the birth of our new baby boy,
I modified my plan to help maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy using my
natural diet plan that incorporated the most nutritious ways to eat and the
most effective ways to exercise at www.WhatToEatWhilePregnant.com.

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