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Thanks for taking the time to review my profile. My passion is finding and writing about money making ideas.  I have a website that contains various tips and reviews on money making programs that can be of great benefit. If you are interested in learning more, please check it out when you have time. 

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What do you want to see?
by JFlats
8 years ago
How to Create a Website that Makes Money

Creating a website that generates money is not as difficult as many think. The process involves some simple steps that if followed can lead to a consistent monthly income.

Business & Money
by JFlats
8 years ago
How to Generate Passive Income Using the Internet

The term passive income will sound instantly attractive to anyone. But you should understand that passive income is possible only by taking some action. If you do some work in the beginning, you can earn income for a long time without much additional efforts.

by JFlats
8 years ago
The Occupy Movement - Is It Near Its End?

The Occupy Wall Street movement began on the 17th of September and there appeared to be no signs of it slowing down until recently.

by JFlats
8 years ago
Why All The Fuss Over SOPA

Google, Wikipedia and other Internet companies recently staged protests due to the Stop Online Piracy Act, or better known as SOPA. For those that don't understand what SOPA is let me explain.

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