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I love words. I love the hypnotizing effect that they have as they slip and swirl from my head and through my hands through my pen (keyboard) and onto paper (screen). It is an intoxicating feeling to communicate and paint pictures with language, to transport people even if it is just for one moment.
Here. Take my hand. Let's go.

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What do you want to see?
by JLGottschalk
5 years ago
For Eirene

Today we tackle the stress monster. This is a heavy topic approached in a lighthearted manner; elseways, I might just inadvertently cause undue additional stress. And friends, we do not want that. So sit back, relax, perhaps grab a hot beverage, and read on.

by JLGottschalk
5 years ago
Dating Advice, Part 2

A sequel, if you will, to the prior 'Dating Advice For Guys'. More about acceptable behavior for securing another date with the object of affection.

by JLGottschalk
5 years ago
Dating Advice For Guys

This is an article written by a woman as advice on dating for men. Hopefully it will prove to be helpful, as it is penned by a (mostly) down-to-Earth kind of individual. This is geared more for a first date.

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