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Everly Lynn

Everly Lynn is a freelance writer and a mother of two living in Ontario, Canada.  When she isn't writing, she's busy making and researching gluten free meals and nutrition, reading, volunteering, or working part time.
Her interest in diet and nutrition lies in 3 out of 4 in her home now having to eat gluten free - as well as having several food allergies.  Her youngest son's intolerance to several proteins has lead to much reading and research on intestinal health.  She hopes to share some of the tips and tricks she's learned along the way with you here.
Having a busy schedule calls for much organization and planning day to day and keeping things neat and tidy has always been a passion.
Life's busy. Keep it organized. 

Recent Posts

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8 years ago
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Home & Garden
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8 years ago
Decadent Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is easy to make and very moist. They won't even know they're eating gluten free!

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