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I am a working mom, wife, student and a part time blogger. I am happy and contented of what responsibilities I have. :)

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What do you want to see?
by Jevelme
9 years ago
Enhance Daily Life With Feng Shui Products

There are so numerous charms that a person may use for your kitchen, bed room, living room, front door, backyard garden, workplace and perhaps your own car. These charms are used to stabilize each part of your life. Here in this article, so a number of well-known talismans are presented in order to improve just about all of life's attributes which make use of Feng Shui.

by Jevelme
9 years ago
Fashion Trend: Chunky Accessories

Whether you tend to agree to the common notion that "bigger is better", it still proves true when it comes to accessories nowadays. From heels to jewelry and even hair gear, everyone's just donning the biggest pair that they can get their hands on.

by Jevelme
9 years ago
How To Become Sexy and Fit

In a superficial sense, some are wondering how to become sexy and fit because they want to be more attractive. They also wonder how to become sexy and fit because they want to join the modeling industry or they want to get into Hollywood. These kinds of motives do not really provide enough motivation for someone.

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