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Supaman's Dad

Nathaniel Turner is sort of a modern Renaissance man.  He has degrees ranging from bachelors to doctorate in the disciplines of accounting, theology, history and law.  Nate is a striving vegan and a vegetarian for more than 25 years.  However, what inspires and motivates Nate every day is not his academic background or his professional successes.  Rather, Nate is fired up each day because each new day provides him with another opportunity to be the father to his son Naeem. 
Nathaniel Turner is the author of a blog titled Raising Supaman.  There he shares his experiences doing the one thing he says that he was "undoubtedly created to do"...be the father of a most amazing young man whom he affectionately refers to as Supaman.  On Raising Supaman, Nate offers his readers a wealth of super parenting advice that he has accumulated over the years.  If you want to know how to be a super parent and get the skills to bring out the supernatural ability of a child then you must visit www.raissingsupaman.com 

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