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I'm passionate about health and nutrition, and want to inspire people to start eating a healthier diet to get more energy and stay healthy as they get older. As a mother, getting my child to eat his greens and veggies is also a high priority for me. With more and more children facing obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases at younger and younger ages, I want my child to be able to learn to make healthy choices for life. 
I also look at the bigger picture - the policies and practices, as well as environmental destruction and toxicity around us  that contribute to the disesase epidemic. These cannot be changed at an individual levels by simply shopping for healthier and greener products. We need to become active working toward changing the rules and policies to benefit everyone, not just profit the shareholders,  and requiring the big corporations to adhere to these rules.

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What do you want to see?
by JoannaVerd
7 years ago
Green Smoothie Recipes Make Healthy Nutrion Easy and Delicious!

Have you ever tasted a green smoothie? If not, then you are in for a treat. Green smoothies taste so delicious it's difficult to believe they are actually good for you. After all, more often than not things that taste great are bad for your waistline, your health or both. Green smoothies are super healthy and easy to make, plus they taste amazing! They solve one of the most pressing issues that many people struggling to maintain good health and optimum health have: how to eat more vegetables, greens and fruits each and every day, consistently, without excuses - without spending hours in the kitchen making salads, soups and other time-consuming dishes (and then still being hungry and craving more food).

Home & Garden
by JoannaVerd
7 years ago
Best Blender Recommendation for Making Smoothies and Beyond

Making fresh juices and smoothies at home has become very popular, and it's a much healthier alternative to store-bought juice and drinks. Store bought juices have preservatives and additives, while juice that you make at home is freshly made and provides you with huge amount of nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. All you need is a good blender: here are some recommendations for best smoothie blenders.

by JoannaVerd
7 years ago
Healthy Smoothies and Raw Soups for Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers have found that by increasing the intake of low starch vegetables and leafy greens - such as spinach, kale, collard greens, broccoli, celery and other - diabetics were able to maintain normal sugar levels and people not suffering from diabetes were less likely to develop type II diabetes in the future. Green smoothies provide a quick and easy way to incorporate those leafy greens into your diet.

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