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Joannie Ham

One of my defining characteristics is curiosity. I am curious about the world and want to learn new things. I am interested in art, music, education, science (especially nutrition, food science, biology, geology, and anthropology), camping, nature, books, games, words, and Christianity.
I know quite a bit about nutrition, food, biology, diabetes, heart disease, parenting, homeschooling, editing, doing science at home, Science Olympiad, American Heritage Girls, and church. I know a little about sleep apnea, chemistry, and geology. I'd like to know more about Latin, geology, art, ball room dance, opera, and God.
I write because I'm a natural-born storyteller and a teacher.
I am unique, because I have a BA in Anthropology and PhD in Nutritional Sciences, have edited field journals for a Nobel Laureate, have been homeschooling for 12 years, have lived in 5 different states, was the editor-in-chief of my church's Sunday School curriculum, and am an assistant coach of the TN state championship Science Olympiad team.

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What do you want to see?
by Joannie Ham
7 years ago
Eggs, the perfect food

Eggs have gone in and out of vogue as a good thing to add to your diet. They were once considered the perfect food - complete protein, lots of vitamins, and so. Along came the discovery of cholesterol, which sullied the reputation of eggs. Research shows that eggs are a great addition to a healthy diet, so put them back in, please!

by Joannie Ham
7 years ago
Food Science of Muffins

Muffins are a great way to introduce some basic concepts in food science, including gluten formation, how leavening works, and the role of fat in baked goods.

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