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John Atkinson

My name is John Atkinson and I'm from London. I work as a professional gardener in London, and write articles about gardening in my free time. I love spending time with my family and friends. Feel free to ask me questions about myself and my work, and don't miss to comment my articles.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by John Atkinson
7 years ago
Why Did Miley Cyrus Do This?

Did you watch the MTV VMAs on Sunday, August 25th? Did you see Miley Cyrus's performance? What do you think of it? It was shocking, wasn't it?

by John Atkinson
7 years ago
Celebrities Who Don't Deserve to Be on the Red Carpet

Nowadays, we see a lot of people on TV who are announced as celebrities. They earn money just from showing up on the red carpet. I want to share my point of view and to say which celebrities don't deserve to be on the red carpet, according to me.

Home & Garden
by John Atkinson
7 years ago
Garden Design Ideas for Small Gardens

There are a lot of people in London who have small yards and don't have the opportunity to build large gardens. I know that they want to make their yards greener and fresher, and that is why I've decided to share a few tips.

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