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I'm a singer/songwriter currently based in Canada (check my music out here: http://www.jonathanferguson.ca), who enjoys travel, reading, and cooking. My favourite types of movies are the ones that are so bad they're good, and I like to have people over for a nice loud MST3K-style movie night every once in a while.
I've recently adopted a philosophy in life where I will try anything once, because although I don't have really ingrained beliefs one way or the other, I'm not sure that I get more than one go on this little blue rock. I've started writing for InfoBarrel in hopes that I'll make enough extra income to be able to slip the surly bonds of the 9 to 5, before the clock runs out.
Wow that sounds like I copied and pasted from an online dating profile. Oh well--if you might be you know, "into that", and you're a girl who takes care of herself, drop me a line, I guess?Once again, the singer/songwriter thing:Jonathan Fergusonhttp://www.jonathanferguson.ca

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