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An advertising professional by day and a cat lover by night. I love to write, especially on things that are helpful to people. I have a strong passion for books, especially books on personal growth or self-improvement. I believe that a person is an average of what he or she reads.

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What do you want to see?
by Jovie
7 years ago

Millions of people around the world log in to Facebook everyday. There is also an increasing number of others who think of Facebook as a real time waster. Really? I don't think so. Facebook is a community gathers the most creative and unique mind. It's also where you can find the latest information on what happens in the world. Facebook itself is an amazing place. But again, it depends on the users who themselves decide to waste time on the pages or max out the benefits from this great community.

by Jovie
7 years ago
7 tips to get the most out of any personal development book

I'm a fan of self-improvement books, especially those that guide us on how to have financial freedom and have a better life. I've read so many of these books. They come in different forms, yet cover similar formula: change or develop mindset, build habits, set goals, follow through and realize your goals. The process is clear, yet so few of you have been successful in achieving financial freedom. Why so? Well, after spending a few years reading all these books, witnessing myself failing, I've come to notice one fact: Majority of people simply fail to put what they learn from books or ebooks into practice. Below is the 7 tips that have helped myself as well as my friends and people around me to reap off the benefits from any personal development book. Try for yourself and share with me your experiences

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