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I am a multi-passioned person who loves life and am an avid student of LIFE.  I love to give value by sharing my insights, talents and experience through writing, lecturing, singing, coaching, internet marketing.  My interests include spirituality, mind body spirit connection, prosperity, personal development, nature, health, music, art and making money online.  I enjoy reading, writing, being with positive people.  I am a published article writer and blogger.  I am also an authorised civil celebrant.

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What do you want to see?
by 3foldflame
8 years ago
Are You Ready for the Aquarian Age?

Are you ready for the Aquarian age? The planet is at a cosmic crossroads. As we pass over to another astrological age, the currents of the outgoing Piscean Age cross with those of the incoming Aquarian Age of enlightenment, soul freedom, prosperity, global responsibility. There is a new paradigm of personal responsibility, accountability. Mankind on a personal and planetary level is moving to a higher form of spiritual evolution, where each person sits under his own personal vine and fig tree of spiritual attainment and mastery. This is the age of the enlightened servant leader. To survive this paradigm shift, man must come up higher.

Business & Money
by 3foldflame
8 years ago
To Write or Not To Write - A Question of Being

The agony and joys of writing - and why I love being a writer. I didn't always know this is what I want to be, but now, can't think of anything else I'd rather do. How writing and living a writer's life can be a most fulfilling and rewarding life.

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