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InfoBarrel provides an outlet to write articles under my name. As a freelance writer, most of my work is ghostwriting, which means I don't get credit for my work.  I have been freelancing since 2008 and have recently been focusing my time and energy into my travel writing business.  While this is my main niche, I do like to write about things outside of travel.  
InfoBarrel is a resource I have not used extensively, but the contests make it a refreshing challenge for me. And it keeps me on my toes. It provides a place for me to write about topics I want to write about without going through a query process.  I don't write here for the money, but for the freedom.
I also have a Internet marketing business in which I build websites for local businesses.  
Yo ucan find my ramblings about writing and online business on Inspired to Write. 
Hope you enjoy my writing here!

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