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Personal -I'm 40, live in the United States (KS) and am married to a Brazilian.  I've been navigating the immigration system for years and have learned a great deal about both US and Brazilian travel, visa's and immigration.
I work in IT (Information Technology) and have for most of my life so I have a great deal of IT related knowledge.  I hope to share some of my knowledge about Immigration and IT over my tenure here.
I enjoy gardening and working outdoors (great things to get my mind off Immigration and IT  haha!).  When it's too cold to work or play outdoors I focus on things inside the house. 
I love to study and learn about everything!  Knowledge is a powerful gift and InfoBarrel compliments that nicely.

IT Consulting for Articles Terms -

IT problems are frustrating and consulting is expensive! It’s
even worse when your livelihood depends on your PC working normally.  So here’s what I’m thinking – If you have a
computer issue you need help with that you can’t (or don’t want) to pay for in
cash – let’s make a trade!  I’ll work to
help you solve your issue and in return you write me an article.

You will provide me with the details of your issue and I
will review it without obligation by you.  This
will allow me to determine if it’s something I think I’m capable of helping
with or not.  If I can help you, we
accept these terms.  If I don’t think I
can help you - that will be the end of it.

In exchange for helping you solve your problem, you agree to
write an article for me using the Title and Keywords of my choosing of no less
than 500 words.  This must be unique,
non-spun content at the same level of quality you would write for yourself.

I will assist you with your problem by email, Instant
Messenger (yahoo) or Skype as it fits around my schedule (I live in the CST zone).

I will continue to help so long as I feel progress towards a
solution is being made, but will spend no more than 1 week working towards a
solution on any one issue.

Ultimately, as I’m not remoting into your PC or actually
performing the work myself – at the end of the day I’m just giving you
advice.  As I can’t be there to do the
work myself or observe you while you do the work, you agree to hold me harmless
and without fault should in the course of assisting you with your issue –
data is lost or further harm to your PC is caused.

Once a solution is provided (or 1 week has passed - whichever comes first), my committment/obligation to you is complete.  No warranty is given, expressed or implied and no further assistance will be provided without a new agreement.Once a solution is achieved, you will have 1 week to provide
the written article.My time is valuable even if it doesn’t result in a
solution.  If I spend a lot of time
and/or effort helping you with a problem but still don’t come up with a
solution, I would ask that you still consider writing the article for me but I will
leave that at YOUR discretion.  You are
not obligated if no solution is provided.You agree to relinquish all hold, title and ownership of any content you
write for me under this agreement.  You acknowledge that any content
you provide for me under this agreement shall permanently and
irrevocably become my property to do with as I please including posting under my own name with no links or recognition of any kind to you.

Finally – please remember your “paying” (in the form of
writing an article) for my knowledge, not my time.  I don’t want someone to come to me with an
issue that I resolve in 5 minutes and have them feel slighted that they’re
going to spend 30 minutes to an hour writing me an article.

To help people better understand I like to quote this

“A manufacturer had a problem with one of the older machines on their line. Itshut down the line and held up production, costing many thousands of dollars inlost production. Since it was older equipment it was hard to find someoneknowledgeable in repairing the machine, and nobody on-site knew what theproblem could be. They found a technician with knowledge of the machine andhired him to come in and fix it.

 When the technician arrived on site he listened to the
client’s description of the problem, examined the machine, opened a panel, and
turned a single screw. He restarted the machine and it was back to full function.
The line was up and running and the manufacturer was happy.

 A week later the manufacturer received a bill for services:
$1000. They called the technician and demanded an explanation - after all, they
reasoned, he had only turned one screw to fix the problem. He agreed to
re-bill, this time with itemized charges. The next bill contained two lines.

 Turning the screw… $1

Knowing which screw to turn… $999”

By emailing me you confirm that you have read and agree to the above terms.  You may contact me at:

Kevin [dot] marx [at] cox [dot] net

Put “Consulting for Article Request” in the subject line so
I don’t delete it as spam

Describe your issue with as much detail as possible –
try to include:

Your Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,

The exact error message (if an error message is involved)

The name and version of the application (if it’s an
application issue)

When you first noticed the problem

What you’ve done to fix it so far that hasn’t worked

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