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It’s difficult to describe myself in only a few words. I’m an eclectic person with many interests and writing is just one of my passions. I can write about everything and nothing, just because there isn’t anything easier than that for me. I’m a biologist, with a strong interest in Herbal medicine and natural homemade cosmetics. At first, I thought about writing about those subjects (and maybe I will), but looking around me and the place where I live I decided to write about that. I live in Italy, in the ancient “Etruria”, land of the Etruscans. This is a land rich in history, tradition, food and wonderful landscapes. There are many places that a tourist, visiting Italy, would never know, because they fall outside of the traditional tours. So, why not write about them? These places have surprises in store for me all the time, especially when I’m walking in the countryside, picking herbs, discovering an ancient Roman road, half-hidden by vegetation, or entering a building and finding myself in front of a courtyard, surrounded by columns and arches that remind me of a traditional Shakespearean theatre. I hope, through my description of all these things, to bring you all with me as you read along.

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by Francesca
4 years ago
Luni: The Lost Village

Lunum - or Luni - is a prehistoric village, populated until the end of the Etruscan Age and then again during the Middle Ages. It's one of the hundreds of Etruscan villages you can encounter while walking in the countryside of the region comprising Southern Tuscany and Northern Lazio and it's also a rather suggestive place, although not well-known outside of these regions. The best period to visit Luni is during the spring, when the land is covered by flowers and the temperature is mild.

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