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D. Williamson

I am a guitar enthusiast with a huge interest in the scientific nature of audio and the human ear, luthiery, electric guitar, various arts and sciences.I started playing guitar in 2001, and have since been obsessed with all that I can find out about how guitars work, how music and sound effects influence people, and the practical applications of that knowledge. I often wonder if it is possible to change a person's mood entirely by changing what's playing on the radio. I wonder what effect it has on a person to be an obsessive musician. My ponderings have me constantly researching psychological and sociological effects of music and musicianship, and furthermore, the spiritual aspect of music, to name just a few of the main subjects.I don't like to restrict myself to that sort of knowledge-seeking. I like to let my mind wander. If I happen to be thinking about astronauts one day, I might start looking up the complexity of a space shuttle, the destiny of a star and how we know it, and very many other cosmological mysteries or fascinations or daydreams I have.All of this goes hand-in-hand with my own life, and my own struggle for happiness. Everyone, I think, tries everyday to find out more and more about the world around them, the people around them, the animals, plants, and nature of things, and the universe itself, and where it began. We all do this so that maybe one day we will transcend something, find a connection we never had before, embrace it and travel onwards through our own journeys toward joy and a greater understanding of that which is around us, that which we call the universe.

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What do you want to see?
by D. Williamson
8 years ago

A brief look at the so-called "war" between science and religion, how it compares with the past history of science and religion, and what might happen should we choose to ignore it.

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