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Laszlo Ratz

If I’m not solving math problems or teaching at the tutoring center  you can find me blogging about surfing, LaTeX ( lɑːtÉ›k ), video games ( mostly FPS and RTS ), computer security, tablets, computers, math, running, property management, hiking, passive income, speaking Spanish and Hungarian, tinkering with electronics, hacking ( good type ), building computers, programming and helping others.  
Lately, I've been learning about niche marketing , blogging, websites development and continue to take math courses in preparation for a master’s degree in mathematics. Working part-time as a math tutor has really helped me understand how important it is to listen to people and keeping things simple when explaining difficult concepts. I have also worked as a software engineer and have a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration in information technology.  
My passion is to teach and help people understand complex topics in science, business, and technology in hopes they reach that eureka moment. :-)   
Feel free to contact me as I'm interested in just about anything, well particularly in the sciences, tech, and biz. ;-)
Take care, 
Laszlo Ratz

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What do you want to see?
Home & Garden
by Laszlo Ratz
8 years ago
Quick Tips on How to Find a Tenant

My family has been in the rental business for almost 15 years, no we aren't millionaires but we have a steady stream of passive income that helps maintain and grow our business. In this article I want to share with you the process that has been working for us and how you could benefit from it. We will go over the basics on how to find tenants, minimize downtime (i.e. vacancies), and some tools that have helped us along the way.

by Laszlo Ratz
8 years ago
Top 5 Reasons to Play Tribes Ascend

The Tribes series is one of the oldest on-line first person shooters (FPS) games and has been around since 1998. It was one of a kind FPS as many did not include an on-line aspect; Tribes paved the way for many games such as, Halo, Black OPS, and Counter Strike.

by Laszlo Ratz
8 years ago
The Top 12 Keyboard Shortcuts

The basics when it comes to understanding shortcut keys and how they can improve your productivity.

by Laszlo Ratz
8 years ago
Computer and Network Security

Ever wonder if someone is hacking into your computer and gaining access to sensitive information on your local network. Wouldn't it be great to see the opened doors of your machines and find the vulnerabilities before the hackers do? In this article I will discuss some of the basics on how to scan your local computers and network assets to identify open ports and close non-essential ports to lower your risk in being exploited by hackers and viruses. Although this technique is no silver bullet, it will minimize the chance in having your system compromised.

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