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Lee-Ann Losper

I write online articles for various internet publications and I also teach English as a foreign language. I studied Psychology at University until post-graduate level. I love writing, music, travelling and art...also movies (-:

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What do you want to see?
by Lee-Ann Losper
8 years ago
The importance of feeding your pet healthy organic food

The food that we feed our pets can make them healthy and happy or unhealthy and overweight. Unfortunately, it has been found that basic pet food is heavily processed and a serious danger to your pets long-term health. In the past, some pets died or became seriously ill due to the presence of an ingredient called 'melamine' found to be poisonous in pet food. This article will look at the benefits of safe nutrition that is nutrient-dense for your animal companion.

Business & Money
by Lee-Ann Losper
8 years ago
Ways to earn money by recycling

This article will take a closer look at how one can make some extra money from recycling. The recycling industry is a billion dollar one and a small piece of such a big pie, is still a decent amount of pie(money). Putting your energy into this sector can benefit both your health and wealth. You can build your goodwill credit right alongside your monetary credit. A few ideas are put forth for you to think about and possibly act on.

by Lee-Ann Losper
8 years ago
Exercises that help strengthen the back

This is an article that addresses the fact that many people suffer with back problems and very seldom know what to do about it. Here, a few suggestions will be made based on research and the positive results experienced by others. It is suggested by various professionals that doing back strengthening exercises once or twice a day will benefit one greatly, now and into your future.

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