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Hello my friend,
Thank you for stopping by … I am glad you're here.
~~~ A little about me ~~~
I am looking forward to step out of matrix and create and live a completely environment friendly lifestyle (like the Na'vi people in Avatar - they illustrate perfectly my dream land and also what I firmly believe that our Earth will become in future!) And this is also (at a smaller scale) completely possible HERE and NOW. I will have soon my own woodland house to show you - and meanwhile you can have a look at this low impact woodland house just to make an idea about what I am talking.
"A love space is the place to be and I want to create more of them."
(the physical location is Romania where I was born and where I live - so that you know just in case you would like to be my neighbor).
I have a master degree in computer science and have studied a multitude of subjects such as NLP, social psychology, and religion.  I am also at Redgage, Squidoo, HubPages, Seekyt.
Join me on InfoBarrel now. Write when you want! Write what you want! Enjoy a great community and quality support here at InfoBarrel.
Need some inspiration to start?
Read "Why I choose to write for InfoBarrel?"
If you wonder how I keep track of all my backlinks read “Organize your Websites and Backlinks Sources” or about all the main elements you need to pay attention when publishing an article online – “Detailed Checklist”.
~~~~~~ My best articles: ~~~~~
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Short Oration about Life 
Overcoming Procrastination 3 Effective Techniques
Humor and Attraction Study
Keeping Your Sentiments Alive
All improvement suggestions related to my articles are welcome and highly appreciated. You can reach me anytime at gabrisbiz-ibr (~at~) yahoo (~dot~) com.

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