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I tend to get stuck in the moment and as a result routinely suffer from paralysis from analysis.  I'm sure I don't suffer from this alone, right? Signing up for InfoBarrel is my first step at overcoming my fear of writing for others. In a nutshell, my goal in life is to help people.  I want to give people experiences that can help them along their path and/or change their life for the better. Seeing and knowing that there is a different way to live life is powerful.  Anything is possible! We may sometimes be stuck in our circumstances but within ourselves we can grow, evolve and prepare ourselves for greatness.

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What do you want to see?
by LovingLife
7 years ago
Simple Steps to Clear Clutter and Get Organized

Are you routinely late because you have to search for your keys under piles of stuff? Having trouble locating the parent permission form for your child that is due today? If so, it sounds like your life may need some organization. This article gives you steps you can start not just today but NOW!

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