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I am a kale-growing, maple-syrup slurping, hockey-playing mom of an adorable pile of small children. My articles have been featured in diverse print publications including Alive, Backpacker, Cottage Life and Z Magazine. My academic background includes a Master of Arts, English and experience as a professional researcher. I've worked in the high-tech production field (digital avatars) and the low-tech production field (sketch comedy for the stage.) I'm an ecologist at heart. My true loves include loons crying out across a still northern lake, a nice  jammy Zinfandel and a spirited debate.

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What do you want to see?
Home & Garden
by MarleneW
7 years ago
Organic Mulch: Nature's hand-me-downs for your soil

Decorative and protective: mulch is the little black dress your garden wants to wear for every occasion

by MarleneW
8 years ago
Risk Analysis for the Human Heart

How to use risk analysis in your everyday life. Manage risk and manage anxiety by focusing on the most likely scenario.

Home & Garden
by MarleneW
8 years ago
What is Kale and How Do You Use Kale?

How to harvest kale from the garden and what to do with it after you have.

Home & Garden
by MarleneW
8 years ago
Lasagna Gardening: save money, time, agony and the environment

Lasagne gardening is a technique of layering paper or cardboard, mulch and compost to create a garden plot of rich loamy soil overtop of lawn. The technique can also rehabilitate poor, weedy areas by improving the soil dramatically. A lasagne garden is amazingly cheap, easy, organic and effective.

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