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HI there, thanks for taking the time to read my articles and check my bio! I was born in the UK but moved to France in 2003 due to my work. I now live very close to the Swiss border and I used to work in Geneva. Two years ago we put our frugal ideas into practice and dropped down to a 4 day week...well there is so much to do around here with the ski-ing in the winter, the lake and the walking in the summer! We live a simple but enjoyable lifestyle and have all the latest gadgets that save time and money but none that are just for show or status....The key to making frugality work is to forget about the caveman mentality and concentrate on taking control of your money and spending it on what you want to...not what other people would like you spend it on. You will find that I write on a variety of topics, but most come back to a sort of simple lifestyle theme in one way or another.
If you enjoy this sort of debate the head over to my blog on http://www.meanygoat.com which is regularly updated with topical ideas. You can also follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/MeanyGoat

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