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Hello everybody!

I've been lucky enough to drive 47 of the 48 lower states, work with animals, cook for famous people and play music, among other things. But like so many, I've never quite settled into anything that really made me happy. A paycheck is one thing, happiness is another. So a few years ago, I decided to start from scratch.

No more doing things just for a paycheck; rather I'm now doing things because I WANT to! I went back to college to study Philosophy, because it interests me and because I want to.

I decided that I'd never fill out another job application again. That meant I had to figure out another way to pay the bills. Through plenty of trial and error, experimentation and trying a bit of this and a bit of that, I've landed into a solid start with my freelance writing. The next step is to settle into a niche or two and specialize.

What I like to do: I enjoy writing, if being here isn't enough to demonstrate that :)
I'm an outdoors fanatic and love primitive camping, bushcraft, primitive outdoors skills, hiking, kayaking, and whatever else gives me the excuse to run off to the woods.

Why am I on Infobarrel? Simply, a passive income is a powerful thing! A lot of content sites are, well, not so great. Infobarrel seems like the real deal, a good opportunity to make some money, do some writing for fun, and meet some new people.

Please stop by and say "Hi" any time. I'd love to meet you!

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