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Writer for CNN, author of From Time. 

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Business & Money
by Mokbel23
5 years ago
Cheapest Time of the Year to Buy a Flight Ticket for Summer 2014

This article summarizes the reason for expensive tickets, when to book your summer vacation ticket, and how to save a ton before you confirm.

by Mokbel23
5 years ago
The Power Of The Sub-Conscious Mind

The thought of coming up with an invention as good as the iPhone is easier than you may think it is. It is the production and the way of marketing your product that is extremely difficult. It is even more tricky when you consider todays generation of young teenagers. I mean, they all seem full of doubt and tend to lack confidence. The smart and creative ones tend to over think while the teenagers who could care less about their actions are full of determination. Where do you get this kind of motivation? What inspires your movements? Is it possible that I can apply my creativity the same Walt Disney has, the same way Steve Jobs has, and the same way Kanye West is doing it? I wish to detail what many pay no attention to on a daily basis, how to use the ability and power your sub-conscious mind possesses - to your advantage. First and foremost, you have to realize that whatever pain you may have within you, it is temporary. Same goes to life in general, your success does not last forever. Or as I like to say, none of this you see is real. Know that anything can be taken away from you at any given moment. That is, everything eternal. Notice how your love for someone else is priceless, and that in order to solve your social problems, the human heart has to be solved first. Little do you know that everything but love - costs a price. This relates directly with your sub-conscious mind. Once you are conscious of your sub-conscious, you begin to learn how to harness it. You need to visualize yourself being successful, having a social life, and see what will matter ten years from now. That way, your mind will train itself positively and it will become almost instinctive for your conscious to attack the essential and keep distant from the things that tend to bring you down. We all trouble ourselves with grades and social life, just remember to calm yourself down once a while. Try meditating, drawing, sleeping, or even watching the birds outside if thats what relaxes you. You will access your sub-conscious only when you can not tell the difference between reality and an allusion. That is why when we watch movies, we sometimes cry from all the emotions that encounter us. We think it is reality, but the true reality is that our sub-conscious mind is acting upon us. The interesting part is, 95% don't realize it. You utilize this strategy (once you are calmed down and relaxed) by closing your eyes and envision yourself at a table with highly successful people. After a couple of tries, you will see that they are giving you advice, literally, and you begin to develop a rhythm with it. Your imagination accelerates to another level. I suggest you read a couple of pages from a book before trying. This is the same strategy Warren Buffet used to use. Everyone is intelligent, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb up a tree you will find yourself doubting too much, that leads to no good. Look at the big picture, and cherish it. Listen to your intuition and make predictions. Your imagination will ascend, in your sub-conscious will kick in. All that is left is for you to change your target to your dreams, and go out and give your 100% effort in the real world. If you do not envision yourself doing better, you will always be in the same place.

Business & Money
by Mokbel23
5 years ago
Make A Living Writing

This article summarizes what you need to do to make earn money online. Also explains the requirements as well as the difference between an educated writer and a high school student'a writing.

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