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I am a working business professional and as a marketer, copywriting is a huge part of my trade.   Besides the much needed writing practice and the encouragement from my family and friends to share my knowledge, the monetary incentive from Infobarrel was enough to give me that little push to have a stab at writing articles.  
I'm quite knowledgeable in several subject matters unrelated to my actual work as a result of getting my mind off my day job.  From a long time back, my hobbies have lied primarily in PC Games, Console Games, PC Hardware, and PC Water cooling.  For this, I have been called a nerd in the 90s, a geek post 2000, and now the tech guy...  I really haven't changed...  It's just the times... they are a changin.  I think the majority of people in the world have finally caught up with the information age.
My academic areas of interest include marketing, philosophy, and history.
On the creative side, I enjoy playing the guitar and experimenting with music production, specifically in trance music production using MIDI sequencers.  
When I have absotelutely free time to kill (which is somewhat rare), I do enjoy entertainment in the forms of movies, comics, and tv series. 

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