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I am devoted to being a Mother at Heart.  California born, but with the soul of a Texas wife, mother, eligibility worker, nurturer, listener; and, common sense advisor to a number of clients including single mothers, foster children, and parents of lost or deceased children.  My personal experiences range with loosing a teenaged son to a drunk driver, becoming a foster-adopt parent, loosing a battle with the foster-adopt system, my struggles to cope while my husband endured his bladder cancer treatments, working within the mental health care system, coping with rebuilding our home of 31 years after it was lost to a fire; and, finally how to move on after life has thrown me so many curves.
On October 29, 1997, my 17 year old son, Simon, was killed in a head-on crash by a drunk driver.  He was our only child and loosing him should have been the end of my world; but, not so because I learned early on that if I chose to be miserable I could not be a Mother at Heart to my husband, family, peers, and friends.  I was able to take the love and devotion for my son and give it to others who are struggling to cope with their loses.
In September 2009, I started a highly profitable bakery business from scratch and sold it just one year later.  How did I do it?  I did it by being a Mother at Heart and you can, too.
In July of this year, my search for the foster son I lost 11 years ago was rewarded with a joyful reunion.  I did it by being a Mother at Heart.  My “son” was very happy to learn that I had been looking for him and now he is a very real part of my family.  Eleven years ago I lost my battle with the foster-adopt system but today I am the winner!

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