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What do you want to see?
by Orangemango
9 years ago
Psoriasis Supplements

Psoriasis, as many of you reading this will know, is incredibly difficult to keep under control. Having a little bottle of Heineken or eating a few extra tomatoes can trigger an outbreak that will leave you scratching for weeks. Whilst there is no magic cure for making the plaques...

by Orangemango
9 years ago
Psoriasis Fish Therapy - Using Garra Rufa fish to pluck your plaques off!

What are these fish? The scientific name for these amazing silvery-orange fish is garra rufa. Some just call them reddish log suckers or suckermouths, but many people are a bit more affectionate, referring to them as "Doctor Fish" due to their therapeutic effect on skin...

by Orangemango
9 years ago

 The symptoms of psoriasis include patches of white scales, thick plaques and red, sore skin. The term comes from the Greek word psora, meaning itch or rash.

It is agreed that psoriasis is a disease of 'skin differentiation', in other words, it is a problem with...

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